Want to Learn Google Management Style ? Try re:Work With Google

Google, one of the best company to work for on planet earth is putting all the resources that makes the tech behemoth Fortune’s best company to work for over the last four years in a website called re:Work. 

The Atlantic recently carried out a poll tagged The View From the Valley. for its November 2016 Issue with the question:

Which tech company (besides your own) is the most prestigious to work for?

1st place: Apple (30%); 2nd place: Google/Alphabet and Facebook (both 23%); 3rd place: SpaceX (7%).
Which means even among Silicon Valley Execs, Google is still a great place to work, and by extension insider advice from Google are important.
The website contain, Guilds with Tools and Case Studies for addressing specific work and Management challenges like Hiring and People Analytics in Workplace.

Subject and Guides include:
Teams - Understanding team effectiveness

People Analytics - Understand how knowledge of social and data sciences can help you make more informed, objective people decisions.

Unbiasing - Begin unbiasing with education, accountability, measurement, and more.

Managers - Support your people by sharing what makes a great manager, providing development opportunities, celebrating great managers, and more.

Hiring - Learn how to make better hiring decisions through job descriptions, structured interviewing, hiring committees, and more.

Goal Setting
- Learn how setting goals can help align efforts, communicate objectives, and help teams achieve more.

Google’s Senior Vice President of People Operations, Laszlo Bock, delivers the opening speech “Changing the Nature of Work,” at Google’s re:Work event in 2014. Photo: Google 

SVP, People Operations at Google and author of WORK RULES, Laszlo Bock Said

"After the publication of the book, I was humbled by the outpouring of support and interest from people all around the world. Waiters, lawyers, taxi drivers, executives, and small business owners alike wrote to tell me that they found the book helpful, and were now trying out practices from the book, such as structured interviewing and peer recognition, in their organizations. But many of them also told me that they wanted more - more of the nitty gritty, the details, the programs and practices, so they could make change in their workplaces, too".

"The re:Work website is our response to the community of people who want to make work better around the world. And we don’t want to just talk about Google, because we don’t have all the answers. There are a lot of organizations out there using data to make work better, so re:Work offers a collection of practices, research, and ideas from a variety of organizations and leaders".


re:Work is organized around some of the biggest ways you can make an impact in your workplace. Each subject contains guides, with tools and insights, for addressing specific challenges. It is also a curated platform for tools and lessons from Google and our partners, designed to help you use data and science to make things better, no matter where you call work.


Bock Highlighted what users will benefit from re:Work.
Use the guides to help you drive change in your organization, from mitigating unconscious bias to hiring the right people.
Read the case studies to learn how other organizations, like JetBlue and Wegmans, are using data to solve people-related challenges.
Hang out at the water cooler to learn what people are talking about - from the latest academic research to new management trends.
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