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As an Entrepreneur, one thing that will set you apart from others are the resources and knowledge that can successfully navigate your young company out of danger. That success will depend on the kind of resources you have access to.

Here are some Ebooks that will help in that Journey.

Principles of Entrepreneurship

This book from the US Department of State takes you through what Entrepreneurship is,  What Makes Someone an Entrepreneur, Who can become an entrepreneur? The Skills that can be learnt, who to hire. The most important strategy to be aware of and how to build on them.

● Does the individual truly want to be responsible for a business? 
● What product or service should be the basis of the business? 
● What is the market, and where should it be located? 
● Is the potential of the business enough to provide a living wage for its employees and the owner? 
● How can a person raise the capital to get started? 
● Should an individual work full or part time to start a new business? Should the person start alone or with partners?


Management And Entrepreneurship

The first four chapters of the book discuss on the management functions and principles and the last four chapters discuss the entrepreneurship. Adequate number of illustrations have been included in each chapter. In addition, each chapter contains student learning activities to give the readers a chance to enhance the learning process.This subject is of immense value for budding engineers to make them better managers and successful entrepreneurs.

Learning Objectives: 
❒ To introduce the concept and definitions of management. 
❒ Present the characteristics of management. 
❒ Understand the functions of management. 
❒ Understand the functional areas of management. 
❒ Distinguish administration and management. 
❒ Introduce the role of management. 
❒ Present the levels of management. 
❒ Trace the development of management thought


Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This book offers students and instructors the opportunity to analyze businesses whose products and strategies are designed to offer innovative solutions to some of the twenty-first century’s most difficult societal challenges. A new generation of profitable businesses is actively engaged in cleantech, renewable energy, and financially successful product system design and supply chain strategies that attempt to meet our economic development aspirations while addressing our social and ecological challenges. This textbook offers background educational materials for instructors and students, business cases illustrating sustainability innovation, and teaching notes that enable instructors to work effectively and accelerate student learning.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This book presents innovation and entrepreneurship as a practice and a discipline. It does not talk of the psychology and the character traits of entrepreneurs; it talks of their actions and behavior. It uses cases, but primarily to exemplify a point, a rule, or a warning, rather than as success stories. The work thus differs, in both intention and execution, from many of the books and articles on innovation and entrepreneurship that are being published today. It shares with them the belief in the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Failure is an Option

This Book teaches how to develop Entrepreneurial

  • A clear and achievable Vision
  • Self Awareness
  • Confidence 
  • Self Motivation
  • Lack of Fear of Failure
  • Willingness to take Calculated Risks
  • Willingness to Work hard
  • Willingness to Listen to Others


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