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For a lot of people trying to just get their businesses online, the best way is using a Website Builder that require no coding and most likely let you use Drag and Drop features to help you leverage on your no coding experience. And I have got a lot of them on my list so you can try out the one that help you get your job done faster and save you money.

While the website builders on this list are all free, some will however require that you purchase your own domain name, (which is absolutely logical considering the fact that you are using free hosting and free themes), or use their domain extension. Please read the instruction from the sites as they keep changing, that way you won't make the mistake of building a website on a platform that the policy has change. 

Please fill free to ask question if you are confuse on which particular one to use.

Here are my list,

For a lot of people looking to use Site Builders, this should be your default pick. Everything you need to create your stunning free websites, easy drag and drop, designer-made templates, beautiful galleries, mobile optimized, domains, huge image collection, secure hosting, SEO, 24/7 full support and more - all wrapped up in one free website builder.
Website Builder
Creating a free website with Website Builder is easy with over 10,000 Template to choose from. With their drag & drop website builder, you can create a website just how you want it. Just click on the content you wish to change, or drag and drop new images. You can easily add maps, blogs, videos, contact forms or even products to sell. Website Builder will allow you to create your dream website with ease.

Zoho Website builder

Zoho is one of my favorite enterprise software company with a lot of free offering. Their drag- and- drop Website builder makes it easy to build your online presence. It will help you bring your ideas to life in minutes, without using any code. Choose from a large collection of breathtaking themes and make your website a visual treat. You can also edit these themes to suit your tastes, making your website a personal statement.
Every website is automatically optimized to look great on mobile devices, without any effort. What's more? Be it a desktop or mobile, your website has a single URL. Mobile searches automatically redirect to the mobile version. 
This free website builder offers a huge amount of tools and features. Full code control to make your best ideas a reality. The innovative drag-and-drop website builder with an intuitive interface designed for businesses helps you build modern and responsive websites in a few clicks with no coding required.
Customized website design and monthly marketing to connect with customers.
Professional design including photos and copy created specifically for your business
Setup of Google™ Local and monthly marketing submissions to top search engines and local directories
Monthly website updates handled for you with just a phone call to your web expert
Mobile website setup for smartphone capability
Tracking tools to view your online success

If you are on social media a lot, you probably would have seen their advert on Facebook or other media channels. Simple site allow you to create create a free website, blog, or online store.Build your website to look exactly the way you want it to.
You can also build a store with product descriptions and images, make a price or service list, provide a pedigree chart, and a whole lot more.
The free website maker is fast, easy, and doesn't require any experience with web design.

Create contact forms, order forms, and just about anything you want with the form builder app.
Create Dazzling Slideshows and Photo galleries are a great way to display multiple photos on your website. Choose from the many different styling options provided to showcase your photos and images just how you want.

Click anything to edit, and publish instantly. Absolutely no code or design experience needed. All sites come with analytics built-in. See who's been visiting with easy-to-read charts. Sell products on your site with full e-commerce functionality! Strikingly never charges a transaction fee.

This site Builder offer unlimited hosting and unlimited bandwidth as their system can support the largest news websites as well as the smallest portfolio. You can build a one-pager, or 1000-pager. Creating a website with XPRS or IM Creator is easy, fast and intuitive. Anyone can create a website in a matter of minutes. Any content you'll add is responsive-by-nature and will naturally adjust itself to any device: Laptops, Tablets, Mobile-phones & even google glass and smart-watches.
Doodlekit's free website maker allows you to upload your own banners and logos. Add multiple images to create a slideshow. Customize title colors and fonts. Using responsive website technology your website is automatically mobile friendly so it will look great on any device.
Building a website is easy, getting it recognized on search engines is a little more difficult. Doodlekit provides you with SEO tools to help you get ranked well on search.

With Ukit, all you d is adjust pre-existing content and your business is ready to be promoted to clients and search engines alike.
Content elements are arranged by simply dragging and dropping them around the page, while the text is edited like in a regular word processor.
You will find hundreds of designer-made templates tailored to your business category. Each design contains not only themed images and galleries, but also quality industry-specific texts.
Jimdo is powered by HTML5, the latest standard in website design. It’s possible to embed incredible widgets on your website with the support of HTML5. Modern designs with countless style options make building a website easy. Start with the perfect template, then make your website unique by adjusting the fonts and colors.
With Jimdo you can transfer your existing domain or keep your domain where it is and simply connect it to your Jimdo website. When you sign up, be sure to add your registered domain and confirm that you are the owner.

Weebly boast of tones Customizable templates with HTML & CSS control. Weebly Mobile apps let you take your website anywhere with on-the-go editing that automatically syncs across devices. Build a robust online store with customizable settings to display products, offer coupons, process orders, integrate shipping and more With Weebly’s drag and drop website builder it’s easy to make your own website and add advanced blog and eCommerce features.

Boldgrid is for both beginners and professionals. For Professional, you can do Front-End editing without a short code and for beginners the platform provide a drag and drop system to help you create the site of your dream. BoldGrid works on top of WordPress as a website builder to make the CMS more intuitive. Tedious tasks are now automated and the entire WordPress workflow is reimagined to save you time and frustration. All the features you know and love of the flexible CMS made smarter and more intuitive for web professionals Easy to use page and post editor. Drag and Drop to change your page content

Simbla allows you to create and manage your own online database in an all-in-one cloud based platform. Creating a database is easy and quick and all done in a well design UI environment. After quickly connecting your website to your database, You will be able to create database driven websites or professional web applications in no time and without any coding skills.
Simbla offers ready-made web widgets that are fully functional and work directly with your database 

In terms of SEO Simbla can help you

generate Site map with (XML)
301 references
Metadata: Description Title & Keywords
Friendly URL
Sync with Google Analytics

Simbla easy website builder uses an advanced Drag & Drop interface. Just "drag" an object and "drop" it to the desired location. Drag & Drop technique is easy, convenient and simple to use during your website building. their Templates are well designed and tailored for your business, and you customize your template according to your the site's needs.

A WordPress site builder that is really simple to use and its free. Layers boast of over 200,000 website built on its platform. The code-free interface gives you control while still maintaining good design fundamentals. Layers can has woocommerce integration, and its also mobile friendly. You can use the familiar widget drag & drop interface to build pages from the ground up. Layers is activated as a WordPress theme and works directly with the built-in WordPress Customizer.

Bootstrap Zero: 
Bootstrap is the largest open-source, free Bootstrap template collection. Bootstrap is the most popular frontend framework. Web designers and developers can leverage Bootstrap to build responsive Websites quickly, consistently and responsively. It enables frontend developers to get started quickly with many standard patterns, tools and components. Download hundreds of free and premium bootstrap themes and templates Responsive, open-source templates & themes for Bootstrap 3 & Bootstrap 4.

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